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February 8, 2019

Pregnancy is a whirlwind - you read a lot about your symptoms, your growing baby, labor and delivery, and how to raise a baby, but I realized you don't learn much about how your body will feel after and what your recovery will look like. I had stitches and was the most sore for about two weeks but didn't feel completely healed for about twelve weeks. I was so shocked in the hospital when my doc came to check on me and said "Alright, I will see you in six weeks." What?? It felt like an eternity to have no guidance on what was normal or not. 

Everyone has a different experience but I found that what I REALLY needed after coming home with a tiny human who I was responsible for was a support system and lots of snacks. However, these few products made my life easier and much more comfortable so I wanted to share them with all of you! 

BLANQI Everyday Highwaisted Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings

When Murphy was born, her jaundice numbers went a little higher than our pediatrician liked them to be. As a precaution, we took her to be tested daily until she was cleared up. I was not expecting to have to leave my house the next three days after getting home from the hospital. I loved having these pants because they fit right away and made me feel supported. I could feel like myself in something that wasn't baggy, and I was OVER my maternity clothes. They are great pants and I still wear them occasionally but I have to fold them down a little because the top part is a little loose now.


 Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray

A good friend recommended this to me at the very end of my pregnancy so I picked it up to try. It is amazing! It feels so great and sprays upside down so it's easy to use. I didn't pack it in my hospital bag and really wish I would have. I ended up using the medicated one they give you a few times and I am not sure I would have needed to if I would have had this. I used this for a good three months after having Murphy and still keep one in my bathroom in case I have any random irritations. 


Frozen Witch Hazel Pads

I had heard about these being really helpful so a couple of weeks before my due date, I looked up a few recipes and made a batch. Basically you brush aloe gel onto a pad (I used Sprouts Brand Aloe and a facial brush to distribute it evenly) and then spray the surface with Witch Hazel and a few drops of essential oils. I kept it simple and only used Lavender Essential Oil. Once I had made them all, I folded them back up and put them in baggies in my freezer. I would usually set one out before taking a shower to let it thaw slightly before use. I made multiple batches of these and wish I would have stocked up before. They are amazing for hemorrhoids as well. There - I said it. This is a thing after childbirth btw. Why aren't we warned?! 

Make sure the pads you use are thick. My favorites were these overnight pads from Seventh Generation.


May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon + Tea Tree Essential Oil

One tip I have for anyone who is expecting, and better yet, someone who is trying to conceive... take a good look down there. Maybe I'm the odd one, but before having a baby I had never grabbed a mirror and looked directly at my lady parts. While healing, I would feel something weird or painful and look to see what was going on, but I had no reference as to what was normal. I know - TMI, but I'm just being real here. This combination of products is very cooling, nourishing and antibacterial. When I would feel any inflammation I would apply a mixture of these two (a pea-size amount of Blue Cocoon with 1-2 drops of EO) and it would help so much. I used it as my little emergency treatment for those times when I needed something more for discomfort. The Blue Cocoon is an investment, but worth every penny. I used it to soothe cracked nipples while breastfeeding and it was probably my only skincare for about a month after having Murphy because it's quick and does a lot for dry (and hormonally confused) skin. 


As with anything during and after pregnancy - always ask your doctor. I am very comfortable using essential oils and other ingredients on my body, but everyone is different and anything can cause irritation if used in a way that it shouldn't be. You need to make sure that any product is safe for your specific situation and healing process because, like I said before, everyone's is different and unique. 

I hope this was helpful and you found something else to add to your ever-growing pre-delivery checklist 😋 Please share what your favorite products were after having a baby in the comments here or on my Instagram post!


Have a wonderful weekend, 



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